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Can you name the Rex Ryan and the New York Jets?

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How many away game wins (including playoffs did the Jets win in the first two seasons under Rex6 Away games were played in the playoffs in total for both seasons
How many home games (including playoffs) did the Jets win in the first two seasons with Rex8 Home games a season
What was the Jets total record (2 seasons) in the playoffs under RexPlayed total of 6 playoff games with Rex
What was the Jets total record (including playoffs) under Rex Ryan for the first two seasonsThe second digit in each number is 4
Who is Rex's defensive coordinatorRaising a star named Revis (first name is Mike)
What was the distraction of the 2010 season dealing with RexONLY 4 LETTERS!!! (body part)
What two teams did Rex and the Jets lose to in the AFC Championship2009 and then 2010 (use comma)
What t.v. series did Rex show the world that the Jets were here to win it all'HBO' series (preseason)
Which player did Rex state that he respected because of his skills and abilityPlayer on the Colts
What was the MAIN nickname Rex gave out to a player in preseason and what was his nameName of a movie (use comma in between each)
What is Rex's favorite thing to do when not having practice_____ time
What team did Rex use to coach and did he beat that team in the 2010 seasonA bird (use comma in between)

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