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Can you name the Seinfeld details?

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The license plate number to Jerry's stolen car:
After a failed date, George uses his last name in place of this jingle:
Elaine eats these from Kevin's refrigerator:
The woman whom Jerry offends with a pony remark is from this country:
There is a reference to this superhero in nearly every episode:
Kramer has watched every Miss America pageant since he was this age:
The poster in Jerry's closet shows this make of car:
Kramer's name is mistaken for this:
Value of Jerry's royalty checks from Japan:
The name of Jackie Chiles' sectretary:
Jimmy's training shoes are of this brand:
HintAnswerNothing Important
While George is carted to the hospital, the paramedics argue over this type of candy:
Kramer hides his air conditioner in this parking spot:
The make of car that nearly runs over Elaine in the parking garage:
The name of the Chinese food deliverer:
The Honda behind George in the parking garage has wheels with this number of lug nuts:
Newman orders this type of soup from the soup nazi:
The name of the dog that bothers Elaine during the night:
Kramer goes by this name while talking on a phone sex line:
This was written on the picture of Jerry in the lobby of his apartment:
Kramer makes Jerry a pizza bagel out of this:

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