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Can you name the trivia that completes the timeline of ancient Rome's history?

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753according to tradition, this man founds and becomes king of Rome
509Sextus Tarquinius' crime which precipitates the overthrow of the monarchy
494first withdrawal of common people from the city
450first published laws of Rome
396Etruscan city sacked after 10-year siege
390these northern barbarians sack the city of Rome
321Samnites humiliate Roman soldiers by making them pass under yokes
279this king of Epirus wins a costly victory at Asculum
264this conflict between Carthage and an expanding Rome begins
241first Roman province annexed in victory over Carthage
216Hannibal inflicts disastrous defeat on Rome
202P Cornelius Scipio crushes Hannibal
149this senator dies, three years before his insistence that 'carthago delenda est' is heeded
133this tribune is murdered after approving agrarian reform
91-88Italian cities rebel against Rome
86Gaius Marius elected to this office for a record seventh time
81this dictator retires to spend more time with his family
67Pompey the Great clears this body of water of piracy
64this senator, Rome's greatest orator, exposes Catiline to save the Republic
60alliance to govern formed between Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus
49Caesar crosses this river
45Caesar defeats the last of this conservative faction
44Caesar assassinated on this day
31Octavian defeats Antony and Cleopatra
27Octavian accepts this name and the Republic comes to an end
19contrary to its author's wishes, this poem is not burned when he dies
6this region becomes a Roman province with its capital at Caesarea
c 17a broken man, this poet dies in exile at Tomis on the Black Sea
c 40Caligula makes this horse a senator
41unsurprisingly, Caligula is assassinated; surprisingly, this group carries out the murder
60this queen leads the Iceni in rebellion against Rome in Britain
64Nero blames the Christians for this disaster
68this group seizes control of the Temple in Jerusalem
69Vespasian takes control of Rome, ending this brief period of political instability
79Pompeii and Herculaneum buried by an eruption of this volcano
106Trajan erects a column to commemorate his successful campaigns in this region
c 126Hadrian funds the refurbishment of this prominently domed temple
180Marcus Aurelius, last of this group of rulers, dies
267Odaenathus dies, leaving this woman to govern Palmyra
293Diocletian initates this policy of 'rule by four', further dividing the Empire
313Constantine ends official persecution of Christians
330Constantine moves the capital of the Empire here
363last pagan emperor dies
452also known as The Scourge of God, this conqueror invades Italy, but turns away at the gates of Rome in peace
476Rome and the West fall to barbarians; but the East lives on under this new name

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