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Vengeful time-traveling Romulan
. . . his ship
. . . his first officer
James Kirk's father
. . . the vessel he captains (for 12 minutes)
. . . this vessel's previous captain
Number of times the three Vulcan bullies have failed to evoke an emotional response from young Spock
Institution whose offer of acceptance Spock declines
. . . the 'disadvantage' to which the acceptance committee refers
Where Kirk meets Uhura and Pike
. . . subject Uhura is studying at the Academy
Phobia from which McCoy claims to suffer
Uhura's Orion roommate
Officer who presides over official inquiry into allegations that Kirk cheated
Where the Federation's primary fleet is occupied when the distress call from Vulcan is received
Overeager 'red shirt' killed during an orbital skydive over Vulcan
Substance which creates a black hole in the center of Vulcan
Chamber on Vulcan where Spock locates his parents
No more than this many Vulcans survive, by Spock's estimate
Creature used to force Pike to reveal classified information
Planet on which Spock maroons Kirk
. . . Scotty's assistant at the Starfleet outpost on this planet
. . . creature in a cage on Scotty's desk
Chekov's age
Spock Prime's ship

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