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Can you name the Star Trek races starting with each letter of the alphabet?

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Ablue-skinned with antennae
Btelepathic humanoids
Clight-gray skin, thick neck ridges
Dpolygamous, hibernate five to six nights a year
Eexcellent listeners, refugees from the Borg
Fbig-eared profit lovers
Gpowerful reptilians
Hbilaterally symmetrical bipedal primates
Iextinct gateway builders
Jgenetically engineered soldiers of the Dominion
Kwarriors, easily recognized by sagittal crest
Lmultiple stomachs (good for holding alcohol or latinum)
Mlarge, unusually shaped feet (which cannot fit into regular humanoid boots)
Nlarge and ill-tempered with sharp protruding tusks
Ogreen slave-traders
Pancient humanoids from which most life in the galaxy may be descended
Qseemingly omnipotent and immortal
Rpassionate, pointy-eared people
Snomadic; some genetically enhanced
Tspotted humanoids, some join with symbionts
UDelta Quadrant species whose culture was contaminated by Earth probe Friendship One
Vcopper-based blood, most comfortable in high temperatures
Wgame-lovers, native to Gamma Quadrant
Xalliance of six related species, all originating on one world in the Delphic Expanse
Ywrinkly information merchants
Znon-corporeal beings, attacked Memory Alpha in 2269

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