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Duras sister
would-be saboteur of Khitomer Conference
assassinated en route to Khitomer Conference
Chancellor of the High Council in the late 24th century
married to Quark, briefly
legendary first Emperor
helped Kirk drive away an energy being using positive emotions
Klingon-Human hybrid, special emissary of the Federation in the 2360's
courier whose blood helped prevent a Suliban plot to cause civil war
advocate who defended Archer from the accusations of Duras
encountered Kirk on Federation Deep Space Station K-7
military governor of Organia, briefly
died on Genesis after stabbing Kirk's son in cold blood
Duras sister
one-eyed general, spent time in a Dominion internment camp
young, one-quarter human member of the House of Mogh
Klingon-Human hybrid, served as Voyager's chief engineer
first Klingon to enter and graduate from Starfleet Academy

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