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Can you name the Biblical people and places whose names begin with 'A'?

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Made a golden calf for Israelites at Mount Sinai
Aramaic word meaning 'father'
Murdered by his older brother
Name shared by one of David's wives and sisters
Executed by God in the wilderness along with his brother Nadab
King of Gerar who wanted Sarah as his wife
Chief of the army for King Saul
Lot's uncle
Attractive, treasonous son of David
Where Satan will be trapped for 1,000 years
Bible book written by Luke
Ate the forbidden fruit
Wicked King of Israel, tried to kill Elijah
Name shared by several Persian kings
Traitorous adviser to King David
Canaanite city destroyed after Jericho
Land purchased with money paid to Judas to betray Jesus
Egyptian city where the Greek Septuagint translation was made
Father of James the Less
Raised structure on which sacrifices are made
Nation that attacked Israelites near Mount Sinai
Nation descended from Lot, often in conflict with Israel
Son of David, raped his half sister Tamar
Prophet who worked with sheep and fig trees
Simon Peter's brother
Elderly prophetess, priveleged to see Jesus when he was presented at the temple as a child
Title referring to one who works 'against Christ'
City in Syria used by Paul as a home base for his missionary tours
Eloquent Christian, 'watered what Paul planted'
Rift valley, generally associated with the Dead Sea
Desert peninsula into which Paul went following his conversion
Mountains on which Noah's ark settled
Hill in Athens where Paul famously preached
Home of Joseph, disciple who obtained Jesus' body for burial
Persian king who allowed Ezra and Nehemiah to make trips to Jerusalem
Levite credited with the writing of several psalms
One of the five principal cities of the Philistines
Jacob's second son by Zilpah
Roman province, now western Turkey
Bloodthirsty Mesopotamian empire
Another term for the Magi that visited young Jesus
Infamous Queen of Judah
Emperor of Rome at the time of Jesus' birth
Goat that symbolically carried sins of Israelites into the wilderness on Atonement Day

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