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Can you name the Final Fantasy I-IV Job Classes?

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I am the basic job class
I can use many kinds of weapons including swords, knives, bows, and axes
I am quick and can steal from opponents
I am not afraid to fight with my bare hands
I jump to attack my opponents
When I'm done with a weapon, it goes to my opponent's head!
I am a punching bag that hammers enemies
I gave up some of my defence to become a more powerful fistfighter
I have mastered karate
I will go down before my teamates and I can wield a sword
I defeat my enimies with my darkness
I am a knight of light
I am weak at first, but in the end I am the most powerful job
My aim is good in both the front and back rows
I aid the magic casters by telling them enemy weaknesses
My songs have a funny effect on enemies
I am a healer mage
I can cast many destructive spells
I am learning summoning
I am the jack of all trades
I am a very powerful healer
I know many powerful spells, including flare and meteor
I call forth monsters to fight
I use the power of the earth to attack
I know all magic

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