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QUIZ: Can you name the rungs on the Home Run Derby Word Ladder?

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With [10th rung] [25th rung] a great All-Star weekend activity.
'In the ____' is a phrase to acknowledge the batter after the next one.
Statistic for a pitcher that enters in a save situation, records at least one out, yet doesn't record a save without giving up the lead.
A way to describe a player if he is in a slump.
First name of Hamels, a current Phillies pitcher and 2011 All-Star.
First name of Yarborough, a retired NASCAR driver.
Defined as 'feel concern or interest; attach importance to something'
The baseball variety is a collectible, with Topps being a popular brand.
Defined as 'the name given to various ancient and traditional Irish football games,' with people now using it to refer to Gaelic football.
Biblical son of Adam, who killed his brother.
By removing a letter, '___ of corn' is a common phrase in baseball for a lazy fly ball.
The past tense of the action taken to get around the bases after a homerun.
With [1st rung] [25th rung] a great All-Star weekend activity.
First name of Gant, a hitter with 321 career homeruns.
A-___ is the nickname of current Yankees player, who is part of the 600 homerun club.
Defined as 'to clear, disencumber, or free of something objectionable (usually followed by of).'
By adding a letter, severe lack of available water.
Defined as 'in or into the middle of; surrounded by.'
The Islamic and Arabic word for [17th rung].
A declaration of affirmation found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.
Last name of Red, a former pitcher of the early 1900s.
By adding a letter to the front, a former title for a group of women, or a 1934 Warner Brothers musical comedy film.
Plural of a challenge, whose singular is often found as 'Truth or ___'.
Object used to throw at a board, traditionally held as a bar-game, although also a lawn game whose sale was outlawed in the US and Canada in 1988.
An adjective to describe someone quick and agile, such as Rickey Henderson.
Last name of pitcher Pat, who gave up walk-off homerun to Carlton Fisk in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.
Together with Joan, a British expression for a happily married couple.
With [1st rung] [10th rung] a great All-Star weekend activity.

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