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Who is the crazy director that helped with Queen's Boulevard and Medellin?
Who does Vince play in Medellin?
What Vince movie gets shut down during production?
What is Turtle's real name?
What TV show did Mrs. Gold use to work for?
What is Eric's company called?
What was Vince's first movie? (He only had a small role)
What was Vince's first lead?
Is that something you might be interested in?
Who did Ari give up the studio head position to?
Who does Ari share a company with?
What is the name of Terrance's daughter, who E dated before shooting Medellin?
What did Turtle decide to do on his 30th birthday?
Who paints Drama so that the group can get E a desk in return?
What artist did Turtle promote?
What old friend, an ex-con, ends up asking E for bail money to see his family one last time?
Who directed Aquaman?
What movie did Aquaman pass as the highest grossing of all time?
What TV show was Drama on?
Who is Vince's publicist?
E, tell her I said, 'What up?'
Who does Alan Gray bring to play golf with him and Ari?
What TV show was Turtle's girlfriend on?
Who was Ari's favorite assistant?
Who gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion instead of Drama?

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