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What kind of amnesia did HM have?couldn't form new declarative memories
Knowing the capital of France is an example of this type of memory.subtype of declarative; storage in temporal cortex
A brief memory; fleeting image.
This drug can block NE, preventing reconsolidating of memories.Beta blocker
Information goes from sensory buffer to short term memory.
Maguire et al. (2006) found that taxi drivers had larger ____ ____ than bus drivers.2 words
Trace of a memory.
These neurons become active when an animal is in a certain location, or when it thinks it is.
This type of learning occurs in the basal ganglia, motor cortex, and cerebellum.
Are taxi drivers worse at forming all associative memories, or just visuospatial memories?Woollett & Maguire, 2012
How you rehearse and hold info while working on it to solve a problem.
Possible reason for age-related changes: reduced ____ neurotransmission in hippocampus and cortex.
Which type of memories are stored in the right frontal and temporal cortices?
Part of working memory that rehearses visual or spatial information.
Older adults show decline in working memory and new ____ memory.
The mirror drawing task showed that HM still had what kind of learning?
Older adults show impairment on recall that does not rely on ___ cues.Less cortical activity when encoding or retrieval is self-initiated
The hippocampus and medial temporal lobe structures are involved in the ____ of declarative memories.HM problem
Animals that hide food have evolved with ___ hippocampi.Like birds and squirrels
Being more likely to use a word you've heard recently is an example of...
In short term memory, information is retained for about this long without rehearsal.
Better memory for items at the beginning of a list.long-term memory
Info retrieved from long term memory becomes unstable; it returns to stability in this process.
Older adults typically show declines in spatial memory and ___ skills.
Perceptual priming reduces activity in the...3 words
HintAnswerExtra Info
Possible reason for age-related impairment in spatial memory: impaired encoding by ___ ___.2 words
Long term declarative memories are stored in the...Why HM retained his; often in regions where info was first processed and held in short term
Caused by vitamin B deficiency, alcoholism.Shrunken mammillary bodies
Information goes from long-term memory to working memory.
Maguire et al. (2006) found that taxi drivers had smaller ____ ____ than bus drivers.2 words
Part of working memory that combines sensory modalities and plays like a movie.
HM had structures removed in this lobe.hippocampus, parahippocampus, amygdala
Maguire et al. (2006) found that taxi drivers were ___ than bus drivers at retrieving visuospatial info?better or worse?
Simple conditioning occurs in the...
What is the name of the task used in Woollett & Maguire, 2012?Yes, it is hard. Suck it up and memorize it. (but actually don't because there's no way she's going to ask about it)
When memories are brought up and suggestions are made that alter the memory.
True or false: Older adults normally show a decline in autobiographical memory.
Part of working memory that recites speech, words.
Skill learning, priming, and conditioning are types of...
This type of memory can last for hours or days.
Korsakoff's patients show this--filling in memory gaps and masking loss.along with anterograde amnesia
Conceptual priming reduces activity in the...3 words
Possible reason for age-related memory changes: Loss of ___ or ___ in hippocampus and cortex.
The idea of blocking reconsolidation has been considered to treat what disorder?
True or false: Older adults normally show a decline in semantic memory.
Part of working memory that coordinates the others.
Information goes from short-term memory to long-term memory.happens in hippocampus
Better memory for items at the end of a list.short term memory
Confabulation is thought to occur through damage to this area.
Rats can't perform well in the water maze task or 8-arm radial maze task if you lesion this.Morris; Implicated in spatial memory
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