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If a synapse is repeatedly active at same time post-synaptic neuron fires, synapse will be strengthened.Cells that fire together, wire together.
The primary neurotransmitter in the cerebellum.If blocked, no conditioning occurs.
Type of learning including perceptual, motor, and relational learning.
Where the primary somatosensory cortex sends info during motor learning.2 regions
Dopamine travels from the VTA to the PFC, limbic cortex, and hippocampus.involved in instrumental conditioning
In operant conditioning, anything that causes an animal to engage in an appetitive behavior.
Species of sea slug--when you shoot water at its siphon it retracts its gill.
Strengthening synapses (increasing PSP): Method 1More NT released, post membrane becomes larger and/or more sensitive to NT
Rats raised in enriched environments have more of this, indicating more synapses.2 words
When synapses become stronger with repeated stimulationBigger activation (EPSP) for same stimulus; lasts weeks or more
Exposure therapy utilizes _____ learning.
Changes in the neural circuit that detects a particular stimulus.
Strengthening synapses: Method 2Cause increased NT release because of input of another neuron
Which neurotransmitter binds to NMDA and AMPA receptors?
Influx of this into a neuron activates protein kinases like PKC, PKA, CaMKII.
Part of cerebellum involved in classical conditioning.
Region in the visual cortex activated when looking at a picture implying motion.Learned; infants wouldn't have this greater activation
Reduction in synapses between sensory cell and motoneuronOver time, less response to stimuli
Protein activated by kinases; binds to cAMP.
Dopamine travels from the VTA to the forebrain (amygdala, hippocampus, NAcc)Involved in operant/instrumental conditioning
Through which receptor does calcium flow into the cell during LTP?
Rats raised in enriched environments have larger cortical synapses--these are referred to as...2 words
The unconditioned stimulus in the eye blink example.
Strengthening synapses: Method 3Another axon terminal grows to meet another dendritic spine
As a result of LTP, synapse is more sensitive due to more of these receptors.
HintAnswerExtra Info
The hippocampal formation is made up of the hippocampus and the...
CREB binding to cAMP regulates the ____ of many different genes.
Neurotransmitter playing large role in instrumental conditioning.
Stimulation of skin leads to release of serotonin onto presynaptic nerve terminals, prolonging activity of synapses and leading to longer-lasting response.
DCS facilitates extinction learning because it is a ____ of NMDA receptors.2 words
NMDA receptors are normally plugged with this.
Strengthening synapses: Method 4Axon terminal of one neuron dies so axon terminal of another neuron can develop at that synapse
Changes in the neural circuit that controls a particular behavior.
Rats raised in enriched environments have increased _____ activity throughout cortex.excitatory
Less NT released into synapse between sensory cell & motoneuron.Sea slug stops retracting its gill in response to continued water shooting at siphon
NMDA receptors in this region are essential for LTP related to fear learning and extinction.
Normally (before LTP), glutamate binding to AMPA receptors allows this to enter the cell.
Sensory region that sends info to cerebellum during classical conditioning.
CREB generates the release of these to tell the axon to produce more nitric oxide
Where the caudate nucleus and putamen send info during motor learning.
A term for repeated strong stimulation of a synapse.
In which part of the hippocampal formation was LTP first demonstrated?Entorhinal cortex to dentate gyrus (input pathway)
What happens when sodium (and calcium) enter the cell?what happens to the cell membrane?
In the presence of rewarding stimuli there is increased activity in this region.increase in dopamine here when VTA is stimulated
CREB leads to changes in gene transcription, which leads to changes in...
In which division of the hippocampus does LTP occur at glutamate synapses?CA1, CA2, or CA3?
Where cerebellum sends signals during classical conditioning.
Rats raised in an enriched environment have a ____ cortex, especially somatosensory and visual.thicker or thinner?
This protein kinase forces lazy AMPA receptors to the postsynaptic membrane.
This process occurs primarily in the dentate gyrus
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