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Principal sugar used for energy.
True or false: Brain cells need insulin to use glucose.
When insulin is released in response to the smell or sight of food.
Fatty acids lead to production of these, which can be used by brain.
Hormone produced by fat cells, helps brain monitor fat reserves.more long-term effects
Part of arcuate nucleus that promotes appetite.
In this disease, the body becomes resistant to insulin.related to obesity
Peptide produced in lateral hypothalamus, promotes feeding
In the dual-center hypothesis, the ventromedial hypothalamus is the...2 words
Anorexigenic second-order neuron that inhibits appetite.
The NPY/AgRP has an ____ effect on the paraventricular nucleus.excitatory or inhibitory?
Hormone secreted by small and large intestines; appetite suppressantsatiety
40-70% of variability in body fat is due to...
When glucose is converted to glycogen by insulin, stored in liver, used over time.process
Section of hypothalamus contains 2 sets of neurons regulating eating.
Leptin and insulin have a ____ effect on the POMC/CART.positive or negative?
What converts glucose to glycogen?
In bulimia, this activity activates reward pathways, similar to drug addiction.What CR does at home
Anorexics show ____ in the frontal & parietal cortices.
True or false: Basal metabolism is affected by body weight.
This area gets info from the LH and PVN as well as signals from the vagus and spinal nerves (e.g. stomach distention).
People with Type II diabetes need to monitor their...
What protein increases expression with caloric restriction and also marks longevity?
PYY 3-36 has a ___ effect on the NPY/AgRP.positive or negative?
When liver cells detect glucose in the bloodstream and tell pancreas to produce insulin.
HintAnswerExtra Info
Lesions in this area can alter one's set point for body weight.
This neurotransmitter can be related to overeating.
When glycogen is converted back to glucose to be used by cells.process
Anorexics show ____ in the thalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus.
Insulin interacts with these on cell membranes to enable body to use glucose.2 words
Part of arcuate nucleus that inhibits appetite.
People with this disorder may have less functional AgRP and show larger insulin response to food stimuli.Both of these would decrease appetite
The liver communicates with the pancreas indirectly through the...
Many obese people may have resistance to...Higher levels but not inhibiting eating like it should
According to the dual-center hypothesis, the lateral hypothalamus is the...2 words
When the release of gut hormones stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin.
Type of anti-obesity surgery.
During food deprivation, triglycerides are converted to ____ and ____.
In this disease, the pancreas stops producing insulin (or never does) and the body can't get energy from glucose.High blood sugar; inject insulin
Binge-eating is associated with a mutation of a gene encoding ____ receptor.involved in signaling satiety
This is what converts glycogen back to glucose.
This ingredient doesn't stimulate insulin and doesn't enhance leptin production, so it doesn't signal satiety.
Orexigenic second-order neuron that stimulates appetite.
Anorexia can lead to ___ brain volume.
What detects falling glucose levels to begin glycogenolysis?
People with this disorder are often undernourished and may have throat and teeth damage.
Hormone secreted by stomach, appetite stimulant'Hunger'; levels decrease after eating
The NPY/AgRP has an ___ effect on the lateral hypothalamus.excitatory or inhibitory?
Glycerol is converted to glucose by the ____ and used by the brain.
Fats (triglycerides) are deposited in this tissue.

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