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DNA plus histones is called...ChromaTinman needs a Histone Heart?? Bahaha
The process of most epigenetic marks being erased in the gamete.
Low-licking from rat mom leads to methylation of gene encoding this kind of receptor.Fewer of these receptors in hippocampus means it can't signal to turn off cortisol.
Amino acids that control gene expression; can be turned up or downAlso called enhancers
Why are identical twins different? If all cells have same DNA, how do they know what kind to be?broad, one word answer
Every 3 bases are called a...
and are translated into one...
When one gene can specify 2 or more proteins
This goes and gets amino acids during translation.
Genomic imprinting is also known as...2 words, one means one copy of gene
A single-gene metabolic disorder in which dopamine levels are low.Lack phenylalanine hydroxylase; mental retardation, seizures, hyperactivity
If your genotype is Yy, it is...
Human missing gene that normally comes from mom, or has 2 paternal copies, has this syndrome.Learning problems, seizures, happy disposition
These chemical tags relax chromatin.Activate gene
A double-stranded molecule of DNA.
What percentage of our DNA is genes?Not very much
Cell division throughout body; chromosome strands unwind, attract loose bases from fluid, create 2 identical double-stranded molecules.
Mutation in non reproductive cell spreads through mitosis.Population of mutant cells (like tumor)
Foraging for food causes larger...Like humans... think of planning to find food?
These kinds of proteins are attracted by epigenetic tags and relax or condense chromatin.Not writers or erasers...
Normally silent, the maternal lgf2 gene is active in this syndrome.growth factor; babies are 95% bigger than supposed to be
Crossover of sections of chromosomes; increases diversity of species
The secretary responsible for transcription.
Chronic social defeat can induce depression in mice, leading to methylation of about 1,200 genes in the...shutting down ability to feel good
The proportion of variability of a certain trait that occurs as a result of genetic differences.2 words
HintAnswerExtra Info
Subunits of DNA located on chromosomes.
Offspring of high-licking rat moms are less anxious, producing less ____ when stressed.Females are more likely to become nurturing moms
When certain genes on same chromosome are inherited together.
These can persist for milliseconds or for a lifetime.
The chemical tags condense chromatin.Turn off gene
Genes that control the same trait are called...
Each cell nuclei contains how many pairs of chromosomes
In natural selection, adaptive mutations are those that enhance...How adaptive mutations spread throughout population
The enzyme 'writer' that attaches an acetyl group is called...
Human missing gene that normally comes from dad, or has 2 maternal copies, has this syndrome.learning problems, short stature, compulsive eating, pica
Transcription factors control ____ and are influenced by environmental signals.mechanisms for GxE interactions
Mutation occurs in cells that give rise to gametes, passed to 1/2 members of next generation through meiosis.Carried in all cells of organism
Storing food causes larger...Birds that do and don't store food.
Each strand of chromosome splits off and goes into an individual sex cell (so each sex cell has 23 chromosomes, not pairs)
Genes where one copy is always working and one is always silent.They keep their epigenetic tags during reprogramming.
True or false: Epigenetic changes are conserved when cells divide.
'Genetic junk', appear to have been damaged by mutation over course of evolutionhave some control over structural genes
Idea that you can pass traits acquired in lifetime to kids.Lamarck--mostly wrong but maybe not totally
YY or yy genotype
Complex social networks are related to greater volume in the...
How can you intentionally make traits stronger?like in rats; two words
Point mutation causes change in gene for hemoglobin, distorts red blood cells, clogs capillaries.2 copies = disease. 1 copy = protective against malaria
The enzyme 'eraser' that removes acetyl groups from histones is called...
Colorblindness and autism are two examples of ____ traits.They are more likely in males
What moves along the mRNA during translation?

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