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What does BOLD stand for?
fMRI is a technique for measuring brain ___.
Stimulus-induced hemodynamic response is typically delayed by this long.
Oxygen is delivered to neurons by ___ in capillaries.
In a simple fMRI design, the pattern of rest and activation.
fMRI obtains a sequence of ___-resolution volumes.
How powerful is the magnetic field produced by a MR scanner?60000x the Earth's magnetic field
In fMRI analysis, the stimulus induced change in BOLD signal is compared to the ___ ___.2 words
True or false: Good brain coverage is an advantage of fMRI.
Oxygenated hemoglobin is repelled by magnetic field. The term for this is...
In a simple fMRI design, block lengths are...
Resting state fMRI acquires images during a __-minute period of rest.
Oxygenated blood goes to where neurons are ___ active.most or least?
In resting state fMRI, you would correlate activity in different voxels to discover...
Magnetic Force + ___ ___ = pictures.2 words
Advantage of resting state fMRI: Potential for greater ___ across labs.
As hydrogen protons realign, they emit ___ that is captured by the scanner's computer.
Disadvantage of fMRI: ___ measure of brain activity.
Each ___ contains a time-varying BOLD signal.
Good match between voxel activity and predicted model indicates activity related to the ...
Which has better temporal resolution: fMRI or EEG?
When is fMRI contraindicated? (one word)
In fMRI studies, why are baseline/rest conditions needed?
fMRI typically takes this many volumes in a ten-minute session.
Imaging optimized for BOLD ___ and ___.whatever that means
HintAnswerExtra Info
True or false: fMRI is a direct measure of neuronal activity.
fMRI has excellent ___ resolution.
The temporal correlations of BOLD fluctuations across regions.
fMRI contrasts oxygenated blood with ___ blood.
Disadvantage of fMRI: Scanner can be ___.
In a simple fMRI design, stimulus intensity is...
Resting State fMRI examines ___-frequency fluctuations in BOLD signal.
Deoxygenated hemoglobin is attracted by a magnetic field. The term for this is...
Advantage of resting state fMRI: Can probe a large number of ___ with one study.
It takes this much time for blood to flow from arteries to capillaries & draining veins.
A patient with a pacemaker has had traumatic brain injury. Do you do resting state fMRI or task-based MRI to assess their functioning?
True or false: fMRI is non-invasive, with no radiation.
The magnetic field aligns ___ atoms along the B0 axis.
Amy used this word on a slide!sorry idk what this means and I'm out of questions.
Advantage of resting state fMRI: Free of __ ___ such as ceiling, practice, and learning effects.2 words
fMRI signal plateaus after this many seconds.range
An MR scanner is really just a big...
True or false: fMRI is relatively difficult to use.
What tips hydrogen protons away from equilibrium?
Outside the magnetic field, hydrogen atoms are ___ aligned.
Disadvantage of fMRI: slow ___ ___.
A simply-designed fMRI paradigm uses a stimulus versus ____ condition.
fMRI takes one volume per this amount of time.
Resting state fMRI examines ___ amplitude fluctuations in BOLD signal.
What pulls the hydrogen atoms back up to B0?
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