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Antipsychotics/NeurolepticsOldest, block D2 receptors, tardive dyskinesia
Antipsychotics/NeurolepticsBlock D2 and 5HT receptors, weight gain, diabetes
AntidepressantsPrevent enzymatic degradation of monoamines
Antidepressantsinhibit reuptake of monoamines (NE & 5HT)
Antidepressantsblock __ reuptake, fewer side effects
AnxiolyticsNon-competitive GABA agonists
Drug of abuseactivates, increases # GABA receptors; inhibitory
Drug of abuseHeroin, morphine, codeine; PAG and locus coeruleus
HallucinogensActs on 5HT receptors in visual cortex
HallucinogensNMDA receptor agonist, stimulates DA release
Hallucinogensless potent NMDA agonist, increases metabolic activity in PFC
Hallucinogensincreases serotonin release, changes in DA & hormones
Cannabinoid9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
StimulantsReceptors in VTA, rewarding, cognitive performance
StimulantsBlocks monoamine transporters, prevents reuptake, esp DA
StimulantsRelease of catecholamine NTs without action potential
Models of Abusegenetics
Models of Abusedysphoria, withdrawal
Models of Abuseoperant conditioning, DA in VTA-NAcc pathway
Models of Abusetriggers
Agonist treatmentfor heroin
Agonist treatmentfor smoking
TreatmentAlters metabolism of alcohol
TreatmentAnti-craving, blocks rewarding aspects of alcohol
TreatmentDetox drug, reduce withdrawal symptoms
TreatmentEmergency treatment for heroin OD; blocks all opioid receptors
What are all these drugs?Bind to receptors from outside body

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