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First stage
Second stage
Third stage
Fourth stage
Fifth stage
Sixth stage
These 'feed' the neuron; neurons without enough die.E.g., Nerve Growth Factor and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
This area is last in cortical thinning process.Maybe why adolescents make dumb decisions.
Although these cells emerge throughout life, the most intense phase is after birth.
Inherited sudden change in genetic structure.
The zone outside the neural tube, created by symmetrical division of progenitor cells.
Two areas in which there is neurogenesis after initial development.both parts of limbic system
Build-up of beta-amyloid results in the frontal and temporoparietal cortex, hippocampus, and limbic areas
At ends of axons and dendrites during synaptogenesis.
What proteins inhibit caspases?
Influence of neighboring cells telling cell to become a neuron.Sonic Hedgehog protein tells cells to be motoneurons
True or false: Cells become neurons, then arrive at their final destination.
Neuronal cell death is also called...
When a progenitor cell divides to produce one progenitor and one neural cell.
The nervous system develops from this layer of the embryo.Outermost layer
Mitochondria release this protein to bind to IAPs, allow caspases to dismantle cell.
Disorder characterized by distinct facial features, stunted growth, intellectual disabilityMay lack corpus callosum; caused by maternal behavior during pregnancy
These keep baby neural cells moving along the right path on the radial glial cells.
In Alzheimer's, these may be a secondary response to amyloid plaques
This technique examines low-frequency fluctuations in the brain.To see which ones oscillate together--may be functionally connected
HintAnswerExtra Info
Chemicals released by dendrites or other tissues; axon growth cone moves away from higher concentration
For human language, ends at about 6 months old.Lose ability to hear certain sounds not in native language
Earliest myelination is in the ___ and ___ nerves.
Thinning cortex from late childhood to mid-adolescence represents a net loss of ____.Pruning of dendrites and axon terminals
Extensions that adhere to extracellular environment and pull growth cones along.
In younger children, thinner cortices are related to ____ IQ.Because their brains are more adult-like, ahead of the curve
An example of a single gene effectPhenylalanine, tyrosine, dopamine
Ventricles and central canal of spinal cord originate from the...
Neuronal cell death is regulated by ______ interactions.availability of synaptic targets
Mice in which a functional, manipulated gene is transferred into the genome.
Failure of ____ leads to reduced neuron population or disorderly arrangement.possible cause of illness, intellectual dysfunction
These act like ropes for neurons to climb up toward cortical surface.First set of cells created from progenitor cells.
Chromosomal disorder--look autistic, excess dendrites, too many synapsesTypically more in males; piece of X breaks off
An influx of this causes apoptosis to begin.
When a gene turns itself on and a cell becomes neuron.Directed by genes only
Neural tube is formed by the crest ridges of the ___ ___ coming together.
Chemicals released by dendrites or other tissues; axon growth cone moves toward higher gradient
When cats with no input in one eye develop connections to visual areas only from active eye.Example of sensitive period
In Alzheimer's, basal forebrain nuclei stop producing this.Likely why they die
Undifferentiated cells.
Motor zones myelinate ___ sensory zones.
Mice in which offspring are missing a gene.
After puberty, thinner cortices are related to ____ IQ.Fewer synapses or whatever
Over aging, there is an overall ____ in brain size and a ____ in hippocampal volume
A chromosomal disorder caused by trisomy 21.3 copies of chromosome 21

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