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HintAnswerExtra Info
Bipolar disorder and OCD may both involve this gene.
Specific and social phobias generally show hyperactivation in the...
Administration of this improves sociability in autism (emotion recognition, cyber ball)
Name one prenatal cause of autism.
The circuitry involved in OCD is called...CSTC
Bipolar disorder shows ___ of the limbic (amygdala) and ventral emotion circuit.Hypoactivity or hyperactivity?
About __% of cases of autism have definable biological/prenatal origins.
Candidate endogenous ligand to bind to site where benzodiazepines bind.
The two white matter bundles/tracts that help frontal cortex and thalamus communicate.
True or false: Gradual onset of OCD symptoms may be related to streptococcal infection.
OCD may involve the genes encoding BDNF and ___.
PTSD shows hypoactivation of these two regions, suggesting deficient emotion regulation processes/fear extinction.
People with autism show reduced activity in this area when looking at faces; also active when you show an expert something they're expert in.
Breaking the thalamus/frontal loop by targeting the internal capsule and cingulum bundle is involved in this OCD treatment.
How many times more prevalent is autism in males than females?Asperger's is 9x
OCD, Tourette's, and ADHD all show abnormalities in this.
People with autism have ___ ___ in the rostral IPL, posterior IFG, and ventral PMC.
This disorder has high comorbidity with MDD and substance abuse.
15-30% of boys with ___ meet autism criteria.
When bipolar patients have 4 or more episodes a year.
Idea by Simon Baron-Cohen, supported by relationship between fetal testosterone levels and autism symptoms.4 words
Normally, the frontal cortex uses ___ to ___ the striatum.
This excites the striatum to use __ which ___ the globus pallidus
The globus pallidus uses ___ to ___ the thalamus.
In OCD, the frontal cortex is overactive, leading to ___ excitement of the striatum...
HintAnswerExtra Info
which leads to ___ inhibition of the globus pallidus...
which leads to ___ inhibition of the thalamus.So you wind up with hyperactivity of the thalamus and basically of this whole circuit.
Surgery to remove the cingulum bundle is called a...
Bipolar disorder is neurobiologically similar to...
True or false: Children with autism have about 10% smaller brains than healthy kids.
These are enlarged in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.corresponds with loss of gray matter
Autism is characterized by impairments in social interaction, repetitive behavior/restricted interests, and impairment in ___.
Dysfunction of this area may be related to memory impairment in PTSD.
When people with autism view faces, visual cortex activation is normal but activation iin the superior temporal sulcus and medial PFC is reduced; these areas are involved in...
Drugs to treat phobias; noncompetitive agonists of GABA.Valium, Xanax
The reason why kids with autism may develop larger brains is because of less...2 words
The rostral IPL, posterior IFG, and ventral PMC represent the ___ ___ system.
Bipolar disorder shows ___ of the frontal regions like the DLPFC/dorsal circuit.hypoactivity or hyperactivity?
A mood stabilizer often used for children instead of lithium.
PANDAS stands for...
Idea that autism stems from lack of interest in social world; causality is questionable.
In OCD, the internal capsule and cingulum bundle show increased ___ ___.specifically, left anterior limb of internal capsule
That term means that the white matter tracts are __-organized.
Treatment for this disorder involves CBT, SSRIs, and atypical neuroleptics.
Let's do the OCD circuitry again.CSTC
CBT, SSRIs, and benzodiazepines are treatments for...
Autism symptoms begin before the age of...
True or false: Children with autism have smaller brains at birth than healthy kids.
Surgery to remove the internal capsule is called an...disrupts fibers linking PFC/ACC to thalamus
A mood stabilizer used to treat bipolar with a dangerous therapeutic index.increases BDNF activity

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