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An environmental cue that helps synchronize your circadian rhythm.Such as light
Big jumps in EEG signal during sleep.
Stage of sleep during which muscles are paralyzed.
Hereditary autoimmune disorder in which hypocretin neurons are attacked in adolescence.about 90% are lost
High amplitude, low frequency waves during sleep.
Disorder w/ different types: sleep onset, sleep maintenance, or early termination.
Humans' circadian rhythms are not exactly 24 hours; they are called this.
Sleeping pills like Ambien, Sonata, and Lunesta bind to these receptors.
Decrease in glycogen leads to increase in this chemical, which has an inhibitory effect and promotes sleep.
REM sleep is called this because EEG looks similar to being awake.
Slow wave sleep is generated by this neural system.
Basal forebrain releases GABA to stimulate GABA-A receptors in this areain posterior hypothalamus
Chemical increasing arousal; neurons originating in raphe nuclei in reticular formation.
Stage of sleep characterized by 20-50% delta waves.
This sits on top of midbrain, receives input from the SCN.secretes melatonin
This area triggers REM sleep.
Sleep neurons in this area secrete GABA; influenced by accumulation of adenosinerelated to control of slow wave sleep
Bursts of 12-14 Hz waves on EEG during sleep.
24-hour cycle is driven by rate of gene ____ in SCN.
In old age, large declines in this stage of sleep--write it en espanol
Ambien can have this disorder as a side effect.Waking up with empty fridge or having driven to get food
The menstrual cycle is an example of thisLonger than a day
For first two weeks of life, 50% of sleep is this stage.may provide essential stimulation
The neural system that coordinates the other three to regulate sleep.
Chemical increasing arousal; projects from hypothalamus to cortex.Also indirectly by increasing Ach
HintAnswerExtra Info
Stage of sleep characterized by sleep spindles and K complexes.Sleeping soundly but if woken, may say wasn't asleep.
Losing muscle tone in narcolepsy is called...
These two chemicals produce inhibitory PSPs in spinal motoneurons to prevent APs and create paralysis.
Stage in which EEG is desynchronized, low amplitude, mix of high frequencies.
This disorder involves acting out dreams because muscles are not paralyzed.
Chemical from lateral hypothalamus, excitatory effects all over brain.
Circadian rhythms are somewhat housed in the...
Name two pediatric disorders that occur during slow-wave sleep.
Adenosine receptors are blocked by what substance?More specifically, skinny vanilla lattes
True or false: Humans have circannual clocks.
Stages 3 and 4 make up this type of sleep.
In the brainstem system, this area wakes up the forebrain.
Astrocytes maintain stores of this, which deplete during wakefulness.fuel
Human cycles of attention and daydreaming are examples of this.Less than a day
Slow wave sleep affects this type of memory.
Chemical that increases cortical arousal; high in waking and in REM sleep.2 groups: dorsal pons, basal forebrain
Sleep enforces niche adaptation; why some animals are...
Stage of sleep characterized by greater synchronization, theta waves, slower, alpha rhythms, vertex spikes.
This hormone is released during slow wave sleep.
Medication used to treat narcolepsy.stimulates release of orexin in tuberomammillary nucleus
Chemical increasing arousal; neurons originating in locus coeruleus in dorsal pons.
Which 2 sleep stages recover most in first two days of recovery from sleep deprivation?
Taking this right before bed can reduce effects of jet lag and shifts in work schedules.
Stage of sleep characterized by >50% delta waves
This disorder usually begins during childhood and occurs during Stage 3.

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