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Type of seizure: tonic-clonic
Ventral striatum
Separates the temporal lobe from the frontal and parietal lobes
Glial cells that produce myelin in the CNS
Dose that would have toxic effect in 50% divided by dose that would have therapeutic effect in 50% of people.Valium = 100, Barbiturates = 5
The cerebellum is connected to the pons by the...2 words, one is silly
Middle layer of meninges; blood vessels and CSF
What antidepressant meds inhibit monoamine reuptake and are not as general in effect as MAOIs?
Dopamine pathway from substantia nigra to striatumMotor controls, affected in Parkinsons
Lobe associated with somatosensory function and visuospatial processing
Does an IPSP push the cell toward depolarization or hyperpolarization?
Thyroid hormones are dependent on a supply of...Goiter = deficiency, hypothyroidism
Pituitary stalk axons release hormones into the ____ system.hypophyseal...
Mineralocorticoids affect these two ions...
Autoimmune disease that attacks myelin, results in interrupted and slow signalssclerotic plaques; more common in women, onset 20s-30s
Where are neurotransmitters stored before release?
What force is pushing K+ ions out of the cell?
Cell membrane is...
Catecholamines and indoleamines are two types, NE, DA. indol-serotonin, melatonin
Hallucinogen that acts on 5HT receptors in visual cortex.
Alcohol has initial stimulant phase because low doses stimulate ___ pathways in the NAcc.
Thick outer layer of meninges
At resting potential, does the inside of the cell contain more potassium or sodium ions?
Type of seizure: absenceloss of awareness, inability to recall events surrounding seizure
Besides NAcc, what area is implicated in addiction?people with insula damage stopped smoking easily
Receptor that uses G-protein to open ion channels
core 20% of gland where NE and epinephrine are released to bloodstream
The thalamus and hypothalamus are the two parts of the...part of forebrain, along with telencephalon
2 K+ in, 3 Na+ out
This NT has about 19 receptors and almost all are metabotropic.sleep states, anxiety, mood
At resting potential, does the intracellular fluid contain more anions or cations?Negatively charged
Does NOT compete with endogenous ligand for receptor site
Lobe associated with vision
Two medial structures in temporal lobe
Where does action potential occur along the axon?
Dopamine pathway from Ventral Tegmental Area to NAcc, cortex, striatum, insula, hippocampus
Anticonvulsant drugs increase the effectiveness of what kind of synapses?To calm brain down, reduce activity...
One kind of brain tumor, begins with m
NMDA receptor antagonist, stimulates DA release, leads to depersonalization and detachmentHallucinogen
Kind of conduction of action potentialsJumps from node to node
Which hallucinogen increases activity in the PFC?may be helpful for depression
Binge drinking reduces the rate of neurogenesis in the...Binge drinking is a problem on CAMPUS!
Are the components of the mesencephalon functionally or geographically related?
Receptors for this type of drug are concentrated in the substantial nigra, hippocampus, globus pallidus, cerebellum, and cortex.all over brain (longer term use leads to negative outcomes)
Mineralocorticoid that acts on kidneys to retain sodium and reduces urine to conserve water.
Method of postsynaptic potential terminationNT removed from synaptic cleft, repackaged
Small; the 'cleanup crew'
This section of autonomic nervous system regulates functioning of gut, digestion.
Separates hemispheres
Cell depolarized to -40mv, shifts to _____-dependent active state
Ligand-gated ion channel2 words
What is the pituitary stalk called?
Luteinizing hormone causes the follicle to rupture, egg to be expelled, and progesterone to be secreted from the...
Substantia nigra affected in...hard to move
Lobe associated with auditory processing, understanding speech, learning and memory
Which pituitary is just a way station?
What 2 hormones go through the posterior pituitary
Thyroxine and triiodothyronine are amines that act like what?
Stress hormone that increases blood glucose and breaks down protein.anti-inflammatory. glucocorticoid from adrenal gland
The propensity of a drug to activate a receptor is its...
Caudate nucleus and putamen
Widespread loss of cholinergic neurons in this disease
Motor nerves are...
and meet the spine at the ____ roots.
This type of seizure happens in only one part of the brain
Phase of grand mal seizure characterized by muscle jerking, convulsions, and intense autonomic activity.Lasts about 30 sec
Seizure common in children
Adrenocorticoid that is precursor to testosterone, contributes to body hair, and performance enhancement
This functions as a shock absorber for the brain and an medium to exchange material between blood vessels and brain tissue
The ____ shows that at a certain point, higher doses of a drug do not lead to greater effects.
Other kind of brain tumor, begins with gBegins with G
Where is CSF produced?
Outer 80% of gland that releases steroids
Excitotoxicity is when too much ____ depolarizes cells so much it kills them.think excitatory
Analgesic effect of opiates may come from this arealocus coeruleus is also involved in opiates
Works like NT but not as well. Takes its spot and leads to decreased effect at that synapse.
NT that comes from basal forebrain to hippocampus, amygdala, cortexprimary NT of muscular system
Phase of grand mal seizure characterized by muscle contraction, rigid posture, and unconsciousness?Lasts about 15 sec
The inner layer of the meninges, outlines every detail of brain.
Degree of attraction between ligand and receptor
Neurosurgery to relieve seizures often removes which part of brain?
Regulates breathing and heart rate: myencephalon
Which pituitary secretes its own hormones?Local bloodstream
Lobe associated with speaking, executive function, and voluntary muscle movement
Area anterior to central sulcusmotor
Globus pallidus and putamen affected in...overmovement
Controls autonomic nervous system, 4 FsAlso regulates pituitary
Large glial cells that regulate blood flow, monitor synapse activitystar-shaped, also involved in the formation of new synapses
Which voles are monogamous?
Two types of summation of postsynaptic potentials
Where does this take place
Method of postsynaptic potential terminationthings that end in 'ase'
What force is pushing K+ ions inside the cell?
Part of brainstem, contains core of reticular formationsleep and arousal, motor control and sensory nuclei
Area posterior to central sulcussensory
This NT has 2 pathways: locus coeruleus to hippocampus and basal ganglia, and LTA to cerebellum, down spinal cord.
Sensory nerves are...
and meet the spine at the ____ roots.
Measures electric activity in the brain
Glial cells that produce myelin in the peripheral NS

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