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Second messenger for peptide and amine hormones.When pop and ma send you a letter...
What cells die in Parkinson's disease?
List the 'zones' of neuron communication, in order.4 of them
What part of axons come before the terminals?
This system is involved in motor control, emotion processing, and cognition.
What hormone is produced in the pineal gland?In birds, light hits it almost directly.
Is the pineal gland related to the pituitary or a separate system?
Which voles are polygamous?
Electrostatic pressure and diffusion push Na+ in or out?
Side effect involving tense muscles, jaw movements, odd muscle movements.Doesn't go away when you stop taking typical antipsychotics
What are the two types of neural communication?
Serotonin and opioid receptors are almost all...
Made of 4 rings of carbon atoms; lipid-soluble; derivative of cholesterol
Tectum, tegmentium, red nucleus, substantia nigra, colliculus, reticular formationMidbrain
What is curare in relation to acetylcholine?Blocks receptors (paralysis)
Chronic abuse of alcohol damages nerve cells, especially in the...
Where in the lateral ventricles is CSF produced?
Connects hemispheres, white matter
Drug that activates GABA receptor-coupled Cl- channels, increases # GABA receptors
What is the more common way of terminating a postsynaptic potential?
Action potential does not vary in intensity, it either occurs or not; it is an ____ process.
The cortex, basal ganglia, and limbic systemPart of forebrain, with diencephalon
Low doses of this drug leads to combativeness and catatonia; high doses to confusion, convulsions, coma.
12 pairs of these nerves--some motor, some sensory, some both
Dopamine pathway: ventral tegmental area to nucleus accumbens, cortex, striatum, insula, hippocampus.
Phase immediately following action potential
The study of the nervous system; structure and function of the brain...
Who studied the injuries of gladiators?The Father of Medicine
FSH stimulates ovary and helps follicle develop to encapsulate the...
The study of the biological bases of psychological processes and behavior
Which coordinate system is based on one woman's brain?
How many layers of the neocortex are there?
Typical antipsychotics block these receptors all over brain.
Norephinephrine pathway to hippocampus and basal ganglia from...
Hormones that are strings of amino acids.
Size of molecule and lipid solubility affects a substance's ability to cross the...
Traumatic brain injury; brain hits inside of skull
The precentral gyrus is also known as the...
Numbered sections of brain
This system is involved in emotion and learning.
In what lobe is Wernicke's area?speech comprehension
31 pairs of these nervesCervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccygeal
Luteinizing hormone stimulates Leydig cells in males to produce this hormonelinked to dominance, aggression
Brain region that is like a switch box, transmitting sensory info to cortex and receiving instructions back about what to transmit
Process and transmit info--the basic unit of the nervous system
Which Renaissance artist portrayed God riding a human brain?The Creation of Adam
The hypothesis about oxytocin and autismincreases salience and reward of social information
What system is comprised of 4 ventricles and CSF?
provide structural, nutritional, and other support to neurons
Norepinephrine pathway to cerebellum and down spinal cord from...
How many subtypes of receptors does dopamine have?
What is Descartes' idea about the separation of body and mind?
Atypical antipsychotics have more effects on negative symptoms because they block D2 and which other receptors?
How many subtypes of receptors does norepinephrine have?
The carotid and basilar arteries meet here, at the base of the brain, to provide alternate route for blood flow.
Early thyroid deficiency can lead to this condition, with reduced brain size and reduced branching of dendrites and axons
What hormone prepares the uterus for implantation?
Clozapine, risperidone, and olanzapine are ____ ____.
Hormone that increases BP, inhibits urine to conserve water, some social aspects
What drug blocks monoamine transporters and prevents reuptake (esp. DA)?
What part of his brain did HM have removed because of epilepsy?No new memories
What is the other coordinate system, based on 152 brains?
The study of drug absorption, distribution, and elimination.
Cocaine can be ____. OD can provoke strokes and reduce gray matter density.
Division of NS-energy expenditure, derives from thoracic and lumber regionsFight or Flight; Norepinephrine
Areas dense in dendrites and cell bodies appear...
True or false: Ideally, a drug will have high affinity for some receptors and low for others.
This tropic hormone acts on the adrenal cortex.
What deliver nutrients to cells?
Two gonadotropic hormones from anterior pituitary.
Phase after absolute refractory phase
What was the name of William James' 1890 book?Father of Psychology
Hormones composed of modified amino acids
A drug that causes positive emotions, euphoria, empathy, visual phenomenaIncreases serotonin release, changes in DA and hormones (prolactin)
What drug is associated with heightened alertness and euphoria from catecholamines?
What is nicotine in relation to acetylcholine?Does the same thing
In what 2 regions are many opioid receptors found?In limbic and hypothalamic areas
Absorbed back into circulatory system through large veins at top of skull.
Hormone/NT related to parental behavior, reproduction, social behavior
Gas NT, produced outside axon terminals, diffusion, can be retrograde transmitter
Haloperidol and Chlorpromazine are _____ _____.
Seizures in this lobe can cause emotions, memories, religious experiences
What is a potential endogenous ligand for benzo receptors?A neurosteroid derived from progesterone
Size of axon and myelinated affect _____ _____
Where did Phineas Gage have a railroad spike damage his brain?Personality change, volatile emotions
Action of a drug is influenced by these 2 things.
Follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates Sertoli cells in testes to produce this.
Division of NS-energy conservation, derives from cranial and sacral regions, uses AChRest and digest
What is the threshold for Na+ channels opening?
Dopamine pathway: substantia nigra to striatum
Involved in motor, sensory, cognition, learning... primitive part of brainPart of met encephalon
What is the study of bumps on the head to learn functions of brain areas?Gall
True or false: Drugs taken by mouth are absorbed faster than drugs inhaled or injected.Duh
What are two types of acetylcholine receptors?
Valium and Xanax are ______.noncompetitive GABA agonists
Basal ganglia is a group of _____ nuclei.below corpus callosum
Which antidepressants have a messy, wide effect?Block enzymes that break down monoamines
Down and up-regulation
Liver and kidneys get better at processing drug
Developing tolerance for a similar drug

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