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Forced Order
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Question: Only titles won under the WWE AnswerExtra Info
How many world titles has the only man to win the United States, Intercontinental, WWE and World tag team, and WWE and World Championships won?
This man has been in multiple WrestleMania main events, but has never left that event with a world title.
The only man to beat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and the only man to beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania after becoming a UFC champion fought in a one-on-one title match at which event?
Extra hint: (Both refer to the same man) ____ : The Big Show :: Disqualification : Pinfall
What was the event name for the debut of the man with the most elimination chamber appearances, but no wins?
_____ : The Rock :: Pat Patterson : Buddy Rogers
Finlay : ___ :: Jack Swagger : Sheamus
Fill in this blank: Triple H in 2002, ____ in 2005, The Rock in 2013, Brock Lesnar in 2014
Who was the man with the most IC titles to never win a world title under the WWE banner?
WWE's ECW championship wasn't on Wrestlemania one year. That same year it was defended in an 8 second match. Who were the participants in that match?

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