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Who is Fox McClouds Son?
Who killed Samus's parents?
What was Mario's original name?
What does the wa in Wario stand for?
In what game did Waluigi first appear in?
How many Metroid games have been released?
What color did Kirby appear to be in Kirby's Dream Land?
What year was Nintendo founded?
What is Jigglypuff's name in Japanese?
What was the release date of Advance Wars?
What did NES stand for?
How many games were released for the Virtual Boy?
In what year was Shigeru Miyamoto born?
What is Gardevoir's Pokedex number?
What color is a shiny Diglet's nose?
How many characters are in Super Smash Brothers Melee?
Who did Mario save in the original Donkey Kong?
What game series is Saki Amamiya from?
How old was Masahiro Sakurai when he created Kirby?
How old is Ash Ketchum?
Who was Mario named after?
Nintendo bought the rights of 2 adult films, what was the first one called?
In Earthbound when you defeat a Starman Super there is a 1/128 chance to drop what item?
In F-Zero there is a character resembling a certain StarFox character, who is this character?
What is the name of Captain Falcon's vehicle?
In the original F-Zero which vehicle had the lowest max speed?
In the original F-Zero what was the name of the engine unit for the Blue Falcon
What was the first game console to be played in space?
The Playstation 2 was the highest selling console of all time, but what was the 2nd highest selling console?
Their were 2 Resident Evil games released for the Nintendo 3DS, the newest one was Resident Evil Revelations, but what was the first one?
What was the Sega Genesis slogan?
What is the NES called in Japan?
What is Nintendo Of America President Reggie's full name?
What was the Nintendo Switch's original name?
What game did the Rumble Pak originally come with?
How many Pokemon were in the 1st generation?
Which version of Super Smash Brothers had Lucario as a new character?
What is the exact success rate of a Master Ball?
In Punch Out what was Soda Popinski's original name?
In Super Punch Out who was the 3rd boxer for the Minor Circuit?
In Mike Tyson's Punch Out what was Mike Tyson's record?
What is Birdo's gender?
What Nintendo character appeared in Soul Calibur 2
What was the name of the 38th episode of the original Pokemon anime?
How many mii's can a Wii hold?
What is the highest selling Nintendo game?
How many issues of Nintendo Power are there?
Which Nintendo character said this quote, 'Do a barrel roll!'?
In Super Smash Brothers which character knows the move Blazer?
How many pure Water types were in Gen 1?
Which Pokemon is a Fire/Steel type?
What color is a shiny Gyarados?
What does R.O.B. stand for?
In Fire Emblem what is Corrin's name in Japan?
What is the name of the blade that Marth wields?
What is the name of Meta Knight's blade?
In Pokemon what is the maximum amount of damage a Shuckle can do?
In Super Smash Brothers Melee there was a trophy that had an eye on the back of its head, who's trophy was this?
Who is the main character of the game Golden Sun
What is the rarest Pokemon card?
How many pounds of food does a Snorlax eat a day?
What is Captain Falcon's real name?
How many coins are proven to be in Super Mario 64?
How many levels were in the original Super Mario Brothers?

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