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Can you name all the Reg Season MVPs in the LCK, NA, and EU LCS?

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NA LCS 2014 SpringTeam SoloMid
NA LCS 2014 SummerLMQ
NA LCS 2015 SpringTeam SoloMid
NA LCS 2015 SummerTeam Impulse
NA LCS 2016 SpringImmortals
NA LCS 2016 SummerTeam SoloMid
NA LCS 2017 SpringPhoenix1
NA LCS 2017 SummerTeam SoloMid
EU LCS 2014 SpringAlliance
EU LCS 2014 SummerFnatic
EU LCS 2015 SpringSK Gaming
EU LCS 2015 SummerFnatic
EU LCS 2016 SpringG2 Esports
EU LCS 2016 SummerG2 Esports
EU LCS 2017 SpringUnicorns of Love
EU LCS 2017 SummerFnatic
LCK 2012 WinterNajin Sword
LCK 2013 SpringSamsung Ozone
LCK 2013 SummerSK Telecom T1 K
LCK 2013 WinterSK Telecom T1 K
LCK 2014 SpringSamsung Blue
LCK 2014 SummerKT Rolster Arrows
LCK 2015 SpringNajin e-mFire
LCK 2015 SummerKT Rolster
LCK 2016 SpringROX Tigers
LCK 2016 SummerROX Tigers
LCK 2017 SpringSamsung Galaxy
LCK 2017 SummerLongzhu Gaming/KT Rolster
LMS 2017 SpringFlash Wolves
LMS 2017 SummerMachi17/Raise Gaming
LPL 2017 SpringQG Reapers/Invictus Gaming
LPL 2017 SummerRoyal Never Give Up/Edward Gaming

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Tags:lcs, mvp, player, team

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