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Home to most of the Traitor Legions
Imperial Guard Unit; Hail from a Jungle World
Created the Orks
What keeps the Emperor of Mankind alive
Chaos God of Decay
Chaos God of Bloodshed
Home world of the Mechanicus
Largest class of ship in the Imperial Navy
Formal name of the Space Marines
Signature infantry technology of the Tau
Imperial Guard forces made up of criminals
Formal name of the Sisters of Battle
Huge Ships that most Eldar call home
A Tyranid that controls other Tyranids
The formal name of the Star Gods
What Necrons bodies are made of
Home to the Dark Eldar
System that Eldar and Dark Eldar use for space travel
What happens when many Ork warbands join together
Oldest Dreadnought
Space Marine Legion with the most 2nd Foundings
First Primarch to turn Traitor
Space Marine Chapter that is based on Titan
Said to contain a piece of the Emperor's armor
Signature weapon type of the Tau armies
Huge land based warmachines of the Imperium
Signature weapon type of the Necron armies
Primary consturction material used by the Eldar
Philosophy the Emperor tried to spread
Part of the Inquisition interested in heresy
Eldar who reenact the Fall of the Eldar
Other name for the Warp
Race that can use psychic powers, but don't
Xeno race that serves the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter
Orkish form of currency

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