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CluesNameExtra Clues
Lord of WinterfellNo need for hats after the first book
King Baratheon's least favorite guardScratched Aerys Targaryen's back with a sword
Member of Small CouncilCrushing on Catelyn after all these years
Hand of the king dead at the start of the bookLord of the Vale, husband to crazy Lysa
'King' Joffrey's first HandIf he poops gold, he wipes with velvet
Ranger of the NorthSpends much of the first books MIA
Hostage or 'guest' of WinterfellHe'll earn the nickname 'turncloak'
Proves to King Robert hunting is a boar, on the Queen's ordersMistakes family reunions for singles nights
By law, King Robert's rightful heirNobody cares cause he's kind of a grouch
Winner of the Hand's tourney, sort of by defaultMay not ask to share toys due to childhood trauma
CluesNameExtra Clues
Knight with a shady past from a northern islandFond of younger ladies
Member of Small CouncilHe speaks of treachery, in garden metaphors
Lord of HighgardenFirst name is the coolest weapon in all renniassance fairdom
Least tame of the Stark direwolvesOwned by the most petulant little Stark
Worst sportsmanship in the history of the joustAlso angered by horny horses
Defender of wrongfully accused dwarfsat least if the dwarf is wealthy
Horse LordIf he offers you a crown, ask for specifics before accepting
Dead Stark Direwolf, turned many animal rights folks off to the show and bookSansa's
Second son of Queen CerseiMay hand in a confusing family tree project for grammar school
Bran's direwolfHe isn't coming, according to the starks

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