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Can you name the Muscles of Respiration?

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What muscle accounts for 75% of inspiration at rest?
What acounts for most of the rest of inspiration?
Fibrous center part of diaphragm is __
Which fibers of the diaphragm are short and connect to the xiphoid process?
Which fibers of the diaphragm attach to the ribs?
Which fibers of the diaphragm attach to the lumbar?
External intercostals run down and forward, assisting with __
Which small muscles that lift the ribs are anchored on the scapula?
What large muscle that lifts the ribs spans from the top of the arm to the sternum and clavicle?
This muscle runs parallel to the ribs from shoulder blade to ribs 1-10Bucket Handle
This muscle originates at the spinous process of C7 to T3/4inhalation
These short muscles lift the ribs away from thoracic spineinhalation
This muscle runs from the mastoid process to the sternuminhalation
These three muscles attach at the top of the cervical spine and run down to the first two ribs.inhalation
For passive breathing, what causes expiration?
For active breathing, what large 6-pack like muscle assists expiration?
For active breathing, what muscle wraps around the side of the body, and is the deepest muscle of expiration?expiration
Which oblique attaches to the pubic arch and points up?expiration
Which oblique attaches to ribs 5-12 and points down?expiration
Internal intercostals run down and back assisting __?
This deep muscle runs from the lumbar to the femurexpiration support
This muscle is inside the rib cage and fans out from the posterior surface of the sternumfelt when coughing
This muscle extends from the iliac crest to the floating ribssupport muscle for expiration
This muscle runs from L1-L2 to the lower ribs on the backexpiration support
What is the large fiberous sheath over the rectus abdominis?

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