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Can you name the Lord of the Rings: Path of the Fellowshi?

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Home of the Hobbits
The Sign of the Prancing Pony
The house of Elrond
A Journey in the Dark
The heart of Elvendom on Earth
The Great River
The Seat of Seeing
F&S: An impossible labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks
F&S: An ancient Battefield
F&S: Faramir
F&S: Shelob
F&S: Destruction of the Ring
M&P: Carried by Orcs
M&P: Saved by trees
M&P: Revenge on Saruman
A,L,G&G: King of the Golden Hall
A,L&G: Epic Battle
A,L,G,G,M,P: Reunited
A,L,G,G,M,P: Waiting for the beacons
G&P: The White City
A,L,G&M: Mustering of the Rohirrim
A,L&G: The way is shut
A,L,G,G,M&P: Epic Battle
A,L,G,G&P: Final battle
All: Reunited
Leaving Middle Earth

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