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Can you name the locations members of the Fellowship visit?

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Forced Order
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Home of Frodo and Bilbo (town name)
Friendly farmer's home
Crossing of the Brandywine
Frodo's new house
A merry fellow's home
Fog and strange voices
Location of Butterbur's inn
An ancient Numenorean watchtower
Mr. Bilbo's trolls
Noro lim, Asfaloth, noro lim!
The House of Elrond
The Ring goes South
Angry mountain
Ancient Elven country
Gate only seen in moonlight
A Journey in the Dark
An ancient narrow Bridge
Durin's crown
An unchanging forest
The Heart of Elvendom on Earth
Estuary of the Great River
The Great River
Pillars of kings
Great falls
Seat of Seeing
F&S: An impossible labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks
F&S: An ancient battlefield
F&S: This is closed
F&S: The Mumak of Harad
F&S: Gollum goes swimming
F&S: Corpse-light
F&S: Up, up, up
F&S: Caught in a web
F&S: Not dead
F&S: Blasted Plateau
F&S: At long last
M&P: Running
M&P: Ancient forest
M&P: Wrath of the Trees
A,L&G: Chasing
A,L&G: A pyre
A,L,G&G: King of the Golden Hall
A,L&G: Numbers game
A,L.G&G: Where Theodred died
A,L,G&G: Merry and Pippin found
A,LG,G,M&P: Awaiting the Beacons
G&P: Shadowfax is fast
A,L,G&M: Mustering of the Rohirrim
A,L&G: The Way is Shut
G&P: Grond
A,L&G: The Great River
A,L&G: Landing the Black Ships
A,L,G,G&P: A threat to Sauron
A,L,G,G&P: Ambushed
A,L,G,G&P: Final Battle
All: All over
The Last Homely House
Death of Saruman
Beyond these
Home of Cirdan

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