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Can you name the Facts of Aperture Science ?

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Initial Company Name
Year of establishment
First product
Key experimental tool
Name of the blue gel
Name of the orange gel
Name of the white gel
Military Branch that rejects Apertures product
Cave's close secretary
Cave becomes sick with this type of poisoning
When life gives you ________
Conversion Gel is made from
First tier of the founder's research and development program
Second tier of the founder's research and development program
Third and final tier of the founder's research and development program
Cave dies and this computer aid now runs the facility
Aperture's biggest competitor
the facility is flooded with this to kill employees
This object is installed into the computer-aid to keep it from murdering
Laser technology of Aperture
Movement Funnel Technology
Catapaults test subjects into the air
Vaporizes any object that trys to pass through it
Aperture Science's Programmer who survived the toxic flood
Aperture Science's missing research ship
Main protagonist of 'Portal'
Protagonist is dragged back into the facility by this robot
First song GLaDOS sings to Chell
Intelligence Dampening Core
Name of the cubes found throughout the facility
Name of the cube with a heart
Who are you? What is that? Oh, what's that?
Only purpose is to list off the cake ingredients
Red-eyed sphere
Character Obsessed with going into space
Green-eyed Core
Specific name of Green-eyed Core
The most intelligent and handsome sphere
Only a trained stalemate associate can press the
Wheatley transfers GLaDOS into this vegetable
Robot Testing Unit #1
Robot Testing Unit #2
Enormous Sentry Turret
Second song GLaDOS sings to Chell

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