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Can you name the facts about Darien?

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How many elementary schools are in Darien?
What is Ox Ridge's mascot?
When was Darien Founded?
Who is Darien's First Selectman?
What town did Darien separate from?
How many public beaches are in Darien?
What is Hindley School's mascot?
What is Middlesex Middle School's mascot?
About how many people live in Darien? (Do not place a comma in number)
What county is Darien in?
What body of water is to the east of Darien?
Before becoming Darien's town hall, what was the building orginally used for?
What is the biggest elementary school in Darien? (student population)
What is the biggest elementary school in Darien? (building size)
Who is the Superintendent?
What is the name of the Yankee's General Manager who lives in Darien?
What actor used to live in Darien and played the villain in Spiderman 3?

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