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Can you name the A-Z and back again.?

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Begins withWordHint
A_______ Nights ~Disney~
BA surfer's friend
CA Blue Monster desires these
EThis one is easy
FA long long, never ending amount of time
GPleasurable Moments
HNintendocore band responsible for the album: Desperate Living
IThe coloured part of your eye.
JA remnant of tarot cards found in playing cards
KRacist White Supremacists
LLatin: Light-Bearer, not a talking snake
MIt really isn't butter.
Begins withWordHint
NIt really isn't a peach.
OIf you're rowing a boat, you need an ___
PCan't let you in until you tell me the ________.
RA board game with red dice and white dice and lots of little men.
SFootball headed evil genius...baby
TAdmiral Ackbar warned us it was a
UI just made you ype underwear
VA sports team representing a school.
WWhat is it good for?
XTo hate foreigners is to be
YI don't want go Slavia!
Begins withWordHint
Z~Cleaning the ice~
YOld milk.
XPills if you're the anxious type.
WDi-hydrogen Monoxide
VSlightly different from violin
UWithout purpose
TAfter secondary comes:
SA theif would do this.
RPadless, tougher football.
QLike a test, but different.
PRemix artist famous for 'Alice'
OTropical fruit
NUncharted's protaganist
Begins withWordHint
MNot too spicy..or maybe not spicy enough.
LVader had a son.
KWarrior type Star Trek race
JThe dinosaur era
IPoison ivy sure makes me ____
HDown with Alliance scum!
GVery famous guitar brand.
FA British bumper
ETo your right on a compass
DFamous role playing game
CA series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.
BA sphere used for play
AJughead's best friend (Not food)

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