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Can you name the Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) Characters?

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Main character the uses a bat and a shotgun. Saw a zombie when he skipped class.
Character that uses a spear and bayonet. Failed a grade because of another character.
Used a shotgun then later gets a pistol. Considers herself a genius
Likes to use any long range weapon. Gun fanatic.
Slays zombies skillfully with swords and later gets a pistol. Somewhat of a crazed maniac.
School nurse.
Her father was killed by paranoid people. Normally doesn't have a weapon.
Woof.Woof. Seen with a little girl often.
Teacher that states 'It's every man for himself'. He is a pervert.
Member of the Special Assult Team. Friend of the nurse.
Was bitten because he tried to use martial arts on a zombie. Friend of 'bat student and spear student' above.

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Created May 28, 2011ReportNominate
Tags:character, death, High School

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