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Forced Order
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 A stable musical statement
 The first beat
 The density of events in music
 Any simultaneity not characteristic within a given context
 When notes are perceived as belonging to larger units
 The process by which musical ideas are stated and developed
 Any simultaneity characteristic within a given context
 One unaccompanied melody without additional parts or accompaniment
 The occurrence of a strong accent on a part of the measure where an accent does not usually occur
 A series of three or more transpositions in a regular ascending or descending pattern
 The speed of beats
 A series of events that are perceived as a unit
 Two or more themes stated simultaneously
 A type of variation in which an entire melodic-rhythmic pattern is moved to a higher or lower pitch level
 The metrical grouping of beats
 Tone color/ the unique quality of the sound of an instrument or voice determined by the overtones present in that instrument- from bright to dark
 The temporal aspects of music
 One melody supported by an accompaniment that is most often chordal or simple in nature
 The smallest group that obtains significance through its variation and development
 The grouping of beats
 A combination of two notes related in terms of their pitch
 A note's amplitude from loud to soft
 A signal or pulse that marks the passing of time in more or less regular statements
 The frequency of vibrations from high to low
 A single musical sound
 A series of adjacent notes successively ascending or descending
 The way a note is articulated- legato or staccato
 A type of variation in which an entire melodic-rhythmic pattern is 'turned upside down', so that each ascending or descending motion is reversed
 That pitch that functions as the most stable one in a work
 The organization of the various sections of a piece
 Two or more melodies played simultaneously
 A combination of three or more notes related in terms of their pitch either sounding simultaneously or perceived as a grouped unit
 A group of measures, most often 4 or 8, that end with a cadence
 One theme that has multiple overlapping statements

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