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How many shots in a fully loaded Battle Rifle (Halo)
Full name of charcter in GTA4
His cousin
HM-04 in all pokemon games
Fox McCloud's ship name
Peppy tells you to do a
Weapons of a noob combo (Halo 2)
Coco Bandicoot's computer is what color
Sonic rolls around at the speed of what
What is dr eggman's full name
In Sonic adventure 2 battle he uses this is space (full name)
Name of a tetris piece
Level pidgey learns sand-attack
Level it evolves
Bowser's other name
Crash bandicoot gathers these fruits
In call of duty Marathon pro allows you to what
Number of sights in call of duty
What is the name of the dragonfly in spyro
Spyro 2's main enemy
Your worst nighmare if you have an xbox360
Names of maps that were added in the 1st call of duty modern warfare map pack (
Halo 3's first map pack name
The halo reach beta comes out on
In oblivion the listener's name is
He works for the organization called
Name of blademaster of arena in oblivion
The blademaster now is
Name of Orc you fight for Grand Champion Status
MMORPG stands for
How many ways Warioland 2 can end
Halo 3 moniter's full name (turn into him when forging)
Number of teams in halo 3 (how many colors)
What is the name of the red gost in pacman
What is the name of the woman Donkey kong kidnaps in Donkey kong arcade

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