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How well do you know the Weasley family?

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What is the name of the family owl?
How many galleons were in their vault in 1992?
Wich family member(s) was a head boy?
What kind of a car did the family have?
How many grandchildren do Molly and Arthur have?
Which year was Percy born in?
What is the name of Arthur's father?
What is Percy's middle name?
Which quidditch team did Ginny play for after Hogwarts?
Which Weasleys have been named after other members of the family?
Who owned Ron’s Wizard Chess set before him?
Which member(s) of the family was not injured/killed during the series?
Who did Ron get Pigwidgeon from?
Which member(s) of the family changed their job? (switches to a different position for the same employer don't count)
Ginny was the first daughter in the family for how many generations?
Which member(s) of the family got a promotion during the series?
Which potion did Arthur have to take at regular intervals after Nagini’s attack?
Who transfigured the family ghoul to look like Ron?
What color are Molly’s eyes?
Which country was Bill’s pen-friend from?
How many named pets did the family own during the series?
What is the name of Percy’s owl?
Which brooms did Fred and George fly on the Gryffindor quidditch team?
What did Ron get from Lavender in Christmas 1996?
What is Arnold?
When is Victoire’s birthday?
In which book did Harry spend Christmas at the Burrow?
When did Bill and Fleur get married? (date and year)
Who married into the family but did not appear in the books?
What did Ron’s parents get for him after being made a prefect?
What was the name of Percy’s first girlfriend?
When is Ginny’s birthday?
Which country did Charlie study dragons in?
Which objects did Bill and Charlie use to joust in the Goblet of Fire?
Who is Fred and George's best friend?

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