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The 'Annual Golden Spurtle' is an award ceremony judging which breakfast food?
What is the most common surname in France?
Which British DJ wrote the theme tune to 'Big Brother'?
Ajaccio is the capital of which European territory?
How many times does the word 'Candyman' have to be said for him to appear in the mirror?
What makes Homer Simpson so stupid throughout 'The Simpsons'
Which famous John Lennon quote is written on the sign outside Liverpool Airport?
Who did Willie Peters play for in Rugby League?
Where was Freddie Mercury born?
What is my cat called?
Who scored the goal that relegated Man Utd from the old Division 1?
Who owns the rights to the whole Beatles back catalogue?
What is the wand shop in Harry Potter called?
Which landlocked country has the highest population?
One player has played in the World Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup and every level of English football including Conference. Who is it?

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