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Forced Order
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In 'It's Pronounced Wargeet' Naveen claims his last name is ___________
What is Shea's Name in 'Awkward 2'?
What is the Guy in 'piano man' playing before he is killed
In 'My New Pool', Rodney is ____________
In 'Banana Monday', Shea Puts his underwear on a _______________
In 'A Thousand Ways to Lie', Matt is accused of stealing
In 'It's Pronounced Wargeet' Naveen's Last Name is Spelled: __________
What is the name of the movie in 'Trailer'
In 'TV Guy', the one thing Shea will never have installed in his house is ________
In 'My first Dollar', Shea's first dollar is really just _________
What is the Milk Men's job?
In 'Mac and Cheese', How Many Stairs does Matt jump off of
In 'It's Pronounced Wargeet' We Later find out his actual name is: ___________
Who wins the fight in 'Reverse Pickpocketing'
In 'Pineapple Expressway' what famous Disney character is featured in the end
Who created the idea for endless train with a spike in 'The Invention'
What is Matt looking at in 'Inappropriate Office Manners'?
Who is constantly telling Johnson to do his bidding?
What was on the Hat in 'Who wants to be a millionaire'?
How far do they claim Shea can Dive in 'Like a Play'?
In 'Best Nut' what food is placed in the box?
What are the only two skits in black and white?
How does Shea claim the two doors are connected in 'The final trick?'
In 'Our Action Figures' Matt's penpal is from ______
in 'Like a Play', what are Matt and Ty talking about before Shea walks in?
In 'The Principal', who is sent to the principal's ofice
What famous actor is featured in 'The Blob'
What is constantly haunting matt as he goes about his day?
What Makes the conversation in 'Awkward' so awkward
In 'Awkward 3' who is Ty Badoodoos dad?
Shea is living in constant fear of ?
In 'Messages of Fate' what color is the camera
In 'To Tell the Truth', Shea is killed with ________
In 'Massacre' Shea is Wearing a ______________ on his head
What is the only skit that was attempted to be edited on iMovie
In 'The Coverup', The Brain slugs have taken Nancy to
What song is playing in 'The Final Trick'?

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