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Can you name the Ace Attorney AAI2 fan translation names?

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HintFan Translation nameJapanese Name
Main character, wears a cravatReiji Mitsurugi
Detective, has green trench coat and is known as scruffyKeisuke Itonokogiri
German prosecutor, carries a whipMei Karuma
'Steals the truth' as the Yatagarasu, 17 Y/OMikumo Ichijou
Looks like a wolf, Interpol detective from Zheng FaShiryuu Rou
Old detective, also has trench coat, has a habit of looking in a mirror to watch behind himIttetsu Badou
Father of former prosecutor, also GermanGou Karuma
Defence attorney father of Miles, has a fedoraShin Mitsurugi
Young female judge, has portable gavelHakari Mikagami
Rather pathetic young prosecutor until final case, wear a suit jacket over school uniformYumihiko Ichiyanagi
Former student of Gregory, wears his fedora as a sign of resoectTateyuki Shigaraki
President of Zheng FaTeikun Ou
Victim of case 1, bodyguard to presidentGai Tojiro
Victim of Case 2 and guilty in case 1, good gun skillsManosuke Naitou
Understudy of Lotta Hart, accused of murder in case 1Mikiko Hayami
Polite assassin, values trust above all else and hates betrayalTarou Tanaka
Animal trainer at berry big circus, very timidSouta Sarushiro
Imprisoned boxer, has a pet polar bearShuuji Orinaka
Prison warden, gives animals to all prisoners and refers to them as familyMarie Miwa
Blind assassin, has a big black dog, plays chess with inmatesRyouken Houinbou
HintFan Translation nameJapanese Name
Animal tamer at circus, met in justice for all, has a tiger called regentRika Tachimi
First Murderer in case 1 of PW:AAHoshio Yamano
Last client of Gregory edgeworth, famous pastry chefIssei Tenkai
Assistant presenter of pervious's TV show, wears greenTsukasa Oyashiki
Russian pastry chef, cannot taste anything apart from salt, great taste to his pastry but poor designYutaka Kazami
Victim of case 3, amazing design in pastry but poor taste, collaborated with previous to try and win the contestIsaku Hyoudou
Small British lady who can scare even Von Karma... Very 'delicious'Delicy Scone
Elderly director of hospital, also helps as a coroner for the policeOtome Itami
Nurse at grandmothers hospital, tries to help Kay from amnesiaTouko Mutou
Defence attorney on the pursuit of the murderer of her boyfriend, victim of case 4Tsubasa Kagome
Head of prosecutorial investigation committee, secretly the conductor and is the main force behind having Miles Edgeworth's badge removedBansai Ichiyanagi
Young actor at global studios, has a fixation for milkShimon Aizawa
Former freelance photographer, victim of case in 2007Ryuuji Kamei
When something smells...Masashi Yahari
Obsessed with forensic science, sister was former chief prosecutorAkane Houdzuki
Photographer from the southern states of America, has an AfroNatsumi Oosawagi
Former chief detective in Zheng Fa, father Shi- LongDairyuu rou
A rather forgettable character, props hand at gloabal studiosYumiko Mamiya
Underpaid action star at global studios, client in first game case 3Saburou Niboshi

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