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First prosecutor met, has a rather high pitched objection.
Everyone's favourite wine red and cravat suit prosecutor.
Had a 40 year unbeaten record
Chief prosecutor in 'Rise from the ashes'
Prosecutor murdered in SL-9 case, brother is a certain Texas ranger
Carries a whip and currently works for interpol
Fan favourite coffee addict, formerly a defense attorney
Famous German rock star, brother is a defense attorney
Prosecutor who shot his investigative partner, likes to play basketball in the prosecutors offices hallway
Father of Kay, Member of the Yatagarasu and inventor of 'little thief'
British Prosecutor who faced off against Phoenix in London, before being sucked into Labarynthia
Knight from Labyrinthia who opposes Phoenix most of his trials, adored by the crowds.
The high inquisitor of labyrinthia, also known as the great witch.
A certain puzzle maniac from London who adores tea as much as his top hat.
Younger brother of Winston, also known as the rookie humiliator
Convict prosecutor, also known as the twisted samurai
Up and coming prosecutor who has just graduated, believes himself to be 'the best'
Head of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee and likes to play with fire
He believes you should 'let it go and move on'
Passed the Defense Culpability Act and has two very different outfits.

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