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Who plays Karma?
Who plays Amy?
What is Amy's sister's name?
What is the name of the high school?
What movie does the show 'mock' when they are all in detention?
What movie does Amy hate?
What is Liam's name according to the Gay Women Channel?
Who does Amy become friends with in Season 3?
Who does Karma become friends with in Season 3?
What is Amy allergic to?
What is Karma's biggest fear?
What is the name of Amy's (ex)girlfriend?
Who was the Principal's son?
Who became captain of the drama club?
What is Karma's brothers' name?
Who does Amy sleep with at the end of Season 1?
What is the name of the company the students strike against?
Who was Liam's girlfriend who kissed Karma?
What was the name of the band Amy joined for the summer?
What night do Karma and Amy traditionally meet up to watch movies?

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