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CLUECartoon Network and years aired
Lion/Bee makes up the main characterCBS/ABC 1985-87
Game for nerds gets animatedCBS 1983-87
Animals could talk if they had on shirtsNBC 1982-84
By the Power of Gray SkullUSA 1983-87
living under water doesn't seem so badNBC 1984-89
Alien who eats catsNBC 1987-90
Wish I had a rich uncle like thatABC 1986-91
Vince McMahon will try to sell anythingCBS 1985-87
Rockin' RodentsNBC 1983-91
The other fat catABC 1980-84
T.V show to cartoonNBC 1984-86
Not to be confused with the OriginalUSA 1986-88
Followed Pee Wee's playhouseCBS 1984-90
I pity the fool who missed thisNBC 1983-86
Clubhouse was a CabooseNickelodeon/CBS 1984-85
Locked Up PetsABC 1987-88
Not just a chewy snackABC 1985-89
Real American HeroesUSA 1983-87
Comes out after it rainsUSA 1984-87
They live in your wallsABC 1983-86
CLUECartoon Network and years aired
little blue guysNBC 1981-90
Ripped FelinesUSA 1984-87
More than meets the eyeUSA 1984-87
They Really Do CareABC 1985-88
Pop StarUSA 1985-87
Stuffed animals that turned into ballsUSA 1986-87
Finally Stopped Pestering DonaldABC 1988-89
Little Dogs in Robin Hood OutfitsCBS 1983-85
prequel of modern stoneage familyABC 1986-88
Bill Murray and Akroyd get animatedABC 1986-91
Clumsy Robo CopNickelodeon 1982-86
Famous Children's BooksNBC 1985
Fat CatCBS 1988-95
Started as a Spanish Cartoon (not a Dwarf)Nickelodeon 1987
Star Wars Spin-offABC 1985-86
Before Power Rangers Ripped them offUSA 1984-85
Michael J. Fox movie turned to cartoonCBS 1986-89
Who knew Ducks had fangs?Nickelodeon 1988-93
Still RunningFOX 1987(Tracy Ullman Show)-Present
Amphibians led by ratCBS 1984-87

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