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Team played onPlayerwhy?
Blue jay (1981-90)Refused to DH even though he was terrible definsively
Blue Jay (04-09)Play dropped after signing huge contract. Swore at and refused to sign an autograph for a kid.
Yankee (04-present)Too many to list...number one being calling off blue jays rookie Howie Clark on a fly ball when he was rounding the bases behind him.
Raptor (1998-04)Stopped trying (enough said)
Raptor (97-00)Left at the beginning of his prime after Raptor fans begged him to stay.
Raptor (2003-10)Left in the Lebron debacle and called Toronto 'different'
Owner of Maple Leafs (72-90)Owner of Leafs who was charged with 42 different counts of fraud and his cheap ways sent the franchise into a downward spiral which took till the early 90's to get out of.
Team played onPlayerwhy?
Raptor (2009-10)Bashed management and decided to go out and party after not playing because of illness.
NHL Referee (1980-2010)Missed the Gretzky high stick on Dougie Gilmour that cost the Leafs the 1993 Stanley Cup. Gretzky would score seconds later after the missed call.
Ottawa Senator (95-present)2002 Playoffs Hits Darcy Tucker from behind without getting penalized and then scored the winning goal seconds after.
Maple Leaf from (00-08)His stats and play dropped and so did the love from the Leaf fans.
NYR (06-08, 09-10)Made fun of Jason Blake for having cancer, and earlier joked about Leaf captain Dion Phanuef having his sloppy seconds. (Elisha Cuthbert)
SJ Earthquake/LA Galaxy (2001-present)TFC fans dislike him so much, that they they throw pink streamers at him everytime he takes a corner at BMO field.

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