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Sleep characteristics are kept if they provide a what?
What evolutionary explanations explain sleep?E, p or p, s s, s
who said prey sleep when vunerable to be safe?
webb said animals do what when resources are scarce?
39 species, prey sleep less than predators
would be better to stay awake but still and quiet so clearly ****** isn't the only reason for sleep
54 species study on brain/body mas against BMR, sleep exposure and trophic level.
MOre brain mass =
more dangerous sleep site =
what is linked to rem and total sleep?
Lesku has anomalies like what large mammal that sleeps for 20 hours a day`
This approach can be credited since it is not a *********** approach as it involved all factors
who noted rem rebound and said REM heals mind NREM heals body?
Who found that marathons make people sleep for more time in NREM?
have all people found that exhuasting exercise means more NREM
How long did peter trip stay awayke for?
Peoples motivation not capacity goes in TSD according to?
moderate SD has mild/moderate/massive effect on body?
When allowed to sleep, what stages do people make up first?
Who studied financial motivation in TSD task capacity?
REM restoration is supported by babies brain development, yes or no?
Antidepressants cause less REM bbut no REM rebound...
memory consolidation says that you learn things during your sleep and organise everything out
however really its just because if you learn in the morning then loads of **** happens that will make you forget all about it

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