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557 kids chicago to 398 ppant attrition
St helena island
Support huesmann with meta analysis of 48k kids and aggressino tv
kids change attitude not behaviour (prosocial)
Associated prosocial tv to coop and helping
3rd of 5 half of 7 understand moral
kids between 8 and 12 prosocial episode and discuss or not. Tollerance and friendship measured
Kids learn through vicarious learning then use direct learning to decide if they do it or not
Kids observe and learn schemas scripts and normative beliefs. observations are rectified by parents
children who watch violence are more likey to see others as hostile
normative beliefs come from tv for kids
comstock and paik
standard physiological arousal video games
doom music
violent and non violent doom games then allowed to coop/expliot others
violent games have less correlation than tv
quake 2 causes aggression in already aggy people
346 kids on games and only correlates to intell
bartholow says games cause
asked about games habits then given an aggy or non aggy game then shown real life violence GSR and BPM were measured
one sided relationship
repeated harrassing and following of a person that threatens their safety
mccutcheons likert scale
3 stages of C>A>S
C>A>S> and general mental health quesionaire 1st = social dysfuntion, 2nd = depression and neuroticism
insecure attachment , mild stalking, and approval of stalking
evolutionary explanations - safer to watch - prestige hypothesis
mccutcheons explanations of parasocial relationships
postitive/active view dudes
attachment theory men criticism
measurement of stalking is done by
anxious ambivalent people are morelikely to try to get a response so will try to be reassured, insecure avoidant will try to keep a distacnce

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