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three parts of the Three component model?
The readiness to act in a certain way, affects judgement & is permenant
Made the Two component model
Sequential and recipricolly deterministic attitude change
study into fear on persuasion
ELM made by
3 parts of the ELM
NC test on smokers leaflet
Systematic vs heuristic processing
Jap study into Systematic vs heuristic
Who said trad. methods can't explain group attitudes?
group attitudes are created in convo and spread through media
Festinger made up the
Hint Answer
Three types of constant ideals (cognitions) CDI
Dull task to create dissonance $1/$20
post decisional dissonance dudes?
pdd is exacibated by unpleasant cognitions due to decision and responsibility
We'll always change attitude not ourselves
Bem made the
4 things to make a tv advert ACFaM
Evening tv shows 5 acts of violence per hour, how much does cartoons
how many shows %age show helping?
Normal tv helping ph and kids?
what theory says arousal from tv might provoke or be uncontrollable in a real situatoin
bartholow TV
Desensitisation causes loss of inhibitions
scripting causes (huesmann)
fMRI emotional & episodic memory

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