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Baby rem to adult rem %age?
who did a meta review on changes of sleep?
sleep decreases from 470mins to
deep rem goes from 24% to
REm goes from 25 to
behavioural or psychological events that occur during sleep and dont cause tiredness are called
things that affect daytime tiredness
criteria for insomnia
insomnia for less than a week (jet lag induced)
1-4 week long insomnia
more than a month insomnia name
insomnia not caused by something
caused by something insomnia is
worst insomnia, in kids - lifelong
possible cause for idiopathic
parasomnias, drug use (amphets and alcohol) conditions like parkinsons and pshyche disorders can cause...
what is FFI?
drug to treat insomnia
problem with nitrazepam
Morin's therapy
insomnia CBT treatment reduces what
over arousal can be treated with
family conflict insomnia
what is sleeping more or less than average sleep[ing time linked to
what personality trait is strongly linked to anxiety
larks have body clocks set a few hours before
genes can also control rem/nrem/nightmaresetc vulnerability don't you know
women have more what that makes them more vulnerable to insomnia

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