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Chemistry is **** <- goodColour (Answers will be one word coloursExtra
Zn2+ with 2OH-/2NH3
HexaAquaChromium 3+ (aq)
Zn2+ with excess NH3
Zn2+ with excess OH-
Ni2+ with excess NH3
Cu2+ with excess NH3
Mn2+ with excess OH-
HexaAquaCopper 2+ (aq)
HexaAquaIron 2+ (aq)
HexaAquaManganese 2+ (aq)VERY PALE ****.
Fe3+ with excess OH-
Fe2+ with excess NH3
Cr3+ with 3OH-/2NH3
Cr3+ with excess OH-
Chemistry is **** <- goodColour (Answers will be one word coloursExtra
Cr3+ with excess NH3
HexaAquaZinc 2+ (aq)
Cu 2+ with 2OH-/2NH3
Ni2+ with excess OH-
Mn2+ with excess NH3
HexaAquaIron 3+ (aq)
Cu2+ with excess OH-
Fe3+ with excess NH3
HexaAquaNickel 2+ (aq)
Fe2+ with 2OH-/2NH3
Fe2+ with excess OH-
Fe3+ with 3OH-/2NH3
Mn2+ with 2OH-/2NH3
Ni2+ with 2OH-/2NH3

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