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It is the loss of self A******** and A********
Imitation is dependant upon the...
The power of a the role model depends upon the...
Trick or treaters study
Is there a consistent link with deindividuation and violence?
Who did the first research into imitation? (1st and second name)
Bobo doll study men?
Dirty people in a dark room
500 violent attacks study
Who said contextual factors have a role too?
Who got women to shock eachother?
1 or 2?
Social learning theory fellow?
Vigilante sunglasses study
Who had a lovely chat and porn habits?
Evaluation apprehension + mask
******* ************ is where a sequence of event have to occur in order.
Not always agression caused but a ****** in behaviour
Who said what deindividuation is?
Meta analysis

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