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As day becomes the night, love is in my life
Should I shout for a rescue?
I never dreamt that it could hurt like this, boy
Look me in the eye and tell me we are really through
Life is too short to make a mistake
No I ain't going home cause I wanna stay, but I won't be alone no how no way
With your friend or on your own, on the street or in your home
I am entire, I am finally one
And I've been such a long time waiting for someone i can call my own
People come, people go, but I like to get to know you now
How do we know the truth? Gotta look to the root, inside the meaning of life for you
You got it all but you don't feel complete
Why can't you see that i'm still mad about you?
The more i think of you the more i melt like icecream
Deep inside your heart you know i'm real
You better take your chances while you can
Peace and terror all in one, my future life has just begun
Did I forget to mention that I found a new direction
So let's get physical, I want to, want to
I just can't be without you
So let's just do it right now, do it come on
Let me keep freakin' around, i wanna get down
Is the world still spinning around?
It's more than I dare to think about
Darnkess come to kick your ass
Our love wasn't perfect, i know
Your heartbeat's ticking and your cool starts dripping
So dim the light, slip into something comfortable 'cause you never know
And all resistance is illogical when your love's nice,
I don't wanna hurt inside, I feel like I'm losing time
I'm only hoping that you won't turn out like that
Now I've burned my map and I won't go back
You proved me wrong again
And everything inside of me calls out your name now
Feels like it, it's now or never
If one day you would notice me
What's wrong with saying i love you?
And I haven't said a thing, keep the record playing
Come, we'll explore forbidden passions together
I'm lookin for that new sensation

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